Giving Back

As our motto says, the Hitch concept is “Where giving back never tasted so good.” In fact, we actually opened our own restaurant concept in part to serve as a vehicle for driving more charitable dollars to underserved communities, and a portion of our profits go directly to Project Boon, a 501- (c3) charity-based in Rancho Cucamonga. At Hitch Burger, you can feel good knowing that every bite of our fresh, delicious food goes towards helping those in need in our own backyard, and a world away.

Here are a few ways that we serve communities we are from, through Project Boon:

Eat and Be Well

Held every year in San Bernardino County during the Thanksgiving season, Eat and Be Well serves traditional Thanksgiving meals to those in need, while also connecting them with local municipalities, volunteer services, and businesses that provide services such as free health screenings and haircuts.

Inland Valley Recovery Services Holiday Events

Being in recovery is a day-by-day challenge that will last a lifetime. To help those who have fought battles to become the best version of themselves, Project Boon supports the Inland Valley Recovery Services (IVRS) holiday events for the Easter, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas seasons by providing food, toys, and health services for those battling addiction.

Operation Devolver

This event, which takes place multiple times per year, visits an underserved community of Tuxpan, Jalisco, Mexico, where Hitch Burger concept owner, Karina Suchánek grew up. These trips bring food, school supplies, toys, and hope to those living in this impoverished region.

If you know of a local community in need or want to get more involved with Project Boon, email us today at